On October 9, 2021, California passed a bill that could eventually ban the small off-road engines (SORE) found in gas-powered generators, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, weed eaters, and similar lawn care equipment starting in 2024. While this may sound draconian to some, part of the bill's justification is that using a leaf blower for an hour is just as polluting as driving 1,100 miles.

Laws that begin in California often become adopted elsewhere. While there's still a few years before gas-powered generators are banned, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about your options ahead of time. You may already be on board with the idea of clean, quiet power and don't need to wait on regulators.

Alternatives for Gas-Powered Generators

The California Air Resources Board estimates that running a gas generator for an hour contributes as much to smog as driving a car for 150 miles. While personal safety should take priority, fossil fuels generally aren't essential for emergency backup power. If you're worried about blackouts, get a battery-powered alternative that can power your home emission-free.

Can batteries replace a generator?

You can go small with a Outdoor Power Station and two 160W solar panels that should be adequate for personal devices, entertainment, and essential appliances for the duration of the outage. If you don't want to take any chances,Outdoor Power Station expands way beyond what you'd ever need. It has the solar input and battery capacity to make gas generators obsolete.


Alternatives for Lawn Equipment   

We won't have to worry about a silent spring with all of that buzzing going on from mowers and blowers. Trouble is, battery-powered lawn equipment is lacking, and corded equipment means being tethered to a wall. With a lightweight battery you can pick up, you get the best of both worlds: the power of a plug-in tool without the long extension cords. Pick up a Portable Power Station, set it by the hedges, then get to work!

Why Wait until 2028

The upcoming ban won't affect portable gas generators until 2028 to give alternative power sources time to catch up. LANPWR says we're already there! People are switching from gas-powered engines to electric alternatives, and it's not because they have to. Here are plenty of reasons for your next portable generator to be an all-electric one. Electric lawn equipment and battery-powered generators are free of toxic emissions, pollutants, noise, grime, and maintenance. Push a button instead of pulling a cord. Recharge at home instead of going to a gas station. The list goes on. An electric-powered lifestyle isn't just for environmentally-friendly anymore; everyone can benefit from it.

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