Many people fear lithium batteries, but there is nothing they can do about it. Helpless because mobile phones, notebooks, tablets and other devices to use it, fear because do not know which day lithium battery will suddenly do in front of their own terrorist attacks: or burning, or explosion. This kind of event, naturally and lithium battery itself electrical characteristics, quality related, but also does not rule out, whether the correct use of lithium battery, is also one of the causes of lithium battery accidents.

  The method is based on the characteristics of lithium battery itself. So, we start with the electrical analysis of why lithium batteries explode or burn. Combustion or explosion usually occurs when heat builds up and does not spread out, when heat builds up to the point of ignition, or when heat builds up to a certain degree in a given space. As a battery, this usually happens for four reasons.


  1. Internal short circuit (mostly soft package monomer) : structure or process defects lead to pole ear insertion, diaphragm wrap surplus is too little, burr, diaphragm discount, etc. Pole ear insertion often appears in the thick battery and the structure of internal parallel, the pole ear insulation is not in place, in the subsequent finished product protection plate or use process is easy to lead to acute internal short circuit, resulting in combustion or explosion (internal short circuit: this personal experience is deep, at that time also scrapped more than 2K this kind of battery, actually belongs to the design defect -- the abnormal nature is: Acute internal short-circuiting), but this is rarely the case these days, except for external factors.


  1. External short circuit: 1AH below the battery external short circuit caused by combustion after the explosion is rarely seen, usually bulge or simply the pole ear burned off, personal analysis is the power battery or large capacity mobile phone battery external short circuit caused by combustion. This involves the improper use of customers -- the metal box does not consider the pole ear insulation, in the installation site on the battery smoke burning anomaly; Insufficient structural fixing measures (ill-considered) are also common for power batteries. When users use the battery pack, the battery external insulation protective film is damaged or the cable cover is damaged, which eventually leads to short circuit combustion.


  1. 0vercharge explosion: this is the most dangerous, but also the most afraid of the enterprise, but still occasionally appear. From the understanding of the situation there are two points: a, the user does not according to the requirements of the use of matching charger, thus destroying the protection line and users often charge is unlimited charging, this situation is not fried are difficult; b, the battery is not reasonable and the protection plate failure, in this case, it will explode in a mess... The same goes for a single battery.


  1. The material of the battery itself is not qualified. Material is not up to standard, may produce overheating in the voltage current calibration, resulting in accidents.