What capacity outdoor power supply should I bring when traveling outdoors? Long-distance travel and short-distance travel are really different


Long-distance travel and short-distance travel have different requirements for portable outdoor power station due to different time, plan and distance.


If it is a short trip, when we choose an outdoor power station, we can pay attention to light weight, small size, easy portability, and diversified charging methods. At the same time, we can appropriately reduce the battery capacity and power requirements of the outdoor power station.



But long-distance travel is different. Since long-distance travel is very likely to solve problems such as eating, living and playing outdoors, it is inevitable to use high-power appliances such as cameras, laptops, car refrigerators, electric kettles, induction cookers, etc. The primary factors for choosing an outdoor power supply are battery life, power, charging method, etc., followed by secondary factors such as size and weight.





  1. The larger the battery capacity of the outdoor power station, the longer the continuous supply of output power, the more suitable for long-distance travel. Considering that many high-power electrical appliances will be used in long-distance travel, we can consider about 1000W-2000W in the choice of outdoor power supply. Outdoor power. If you just want to use an outdoor power supply to charge low-power electrical appliances such as cameras, mobile phones, laptops, light bulbs, etc., we can choose a power supply with a power of about 300W-1000W, which can meet the basic electricity needs, and compact size, easy to carry, suitable for short trips with higher flexibility.

    1. Whether it is long-distance travel or short-distance travel, the charging method of outdoor power station is the standard we need to measure. Outdoor power station generally include solar panel charging, car charger, city power charging and other charging methods, because in some harsh environments It is easy to cause charging failure. At this time, we have other ways to charge the outdoor power station to ensure the normal charging operation.


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