Batteries are essential in our lives, but the corrosion and dirt of batteries often bother us. In addition to replacing batteries regularly, proper cleaning and anti-corrosion methods are also important, because battery corrosion and dirt will not only destroy the battery itself, but may cause other equipment to malfunction. Below we will introduce several simple and effective ways to clean batteries and prevent battery corrosion.


一. Clean the battery
First of all, we need to emphasize that do not wash the battery with water at any time. Water can cause problems such as rusting of the internal parts of the battery, short circuits and electrolyte leakage. Therefore, the correct cleaning method is as follows:
1. Gently wipe the battery case with clean cotton and alcohol, and be careful not to let any liquid enter the inside of the battery.
2. Use a toothbrush or cotton swab to remove corrosion from the battery terminals. Use the lower end of the gadget for light cleaning and another clean cotton swab to remove any residue. Do not continue to use if battery terminals are severely damaged.
3. If white powder-like substances appear on the battery terminals, you can use some special battery cleaning products. Apply the product to the battery terminals and wipe off with a clean cotton swab, then dab with a clean cloth.
二.How to Stop Battery Corrosion
Preventing battery corrosion is simple, effective and economical. Simple operation can protect your battery, save you money and time. These steps may help:
●Use anti-corrosion spray on the terminals, they have a special chemical formula to prevent corrosion. You can find them in supermarkets and auto parts stores.
●An inexpensive way to prevent battery corrosion is to use petroleum jelly on the terminals to prevent oxidation. To do this, you need to disconnect the car cable, apply a tablespoon of petroleum jelly, and connect the cable starting from the positive end.
Apply dielectric grease to the terminals to prevent corrosion buildup, just make sure to disconnect the cable during use.
●Overcharging and undercharging is one of the common causes of battery corrosion to prevent the system from running for a long time. For more information on voltage and usage, follow the manufacturer's guidelines.
●Using lithium-ion batteries avoids corrosion problems, but you should pay attention to the terminals as they may be affected in some cases.
In short, proper cleaning and maintenance of batteries can ensure their long-term use and extended life. Every time you clean the battery, be careful to avoid damaging the battery. And follow the relevant recommendations we provide to prevent battery corrosion.