Battery pack is an English expression for a batterypack. It can also be called a battery box or batterypack." The welding and assembly of battery pack usually refers to the process of welding and fixing each battery cell in series or parallel through welding equipment, and assembling battery protection plate, battery fixing bracket and battery shell and other accessories, and finally becoming a battery pack that can be directly connected to electrical equipment. There are also batterypack manufacturers, battery packs, or pack manufacturers, which are battery assembly manufacturers.

  Separately, battery stands for battery, and pack stands for packing, packaging and assembly. In this case, battery assembly can be combined. Of course, the whole process involves many processes, such as welding and fixing, so it is correct to understand the welding and assembly of battery.

  Battery is the part of a cup, tank, or other container or composite container filled with an electrolyte solution and metal electrodes to generate an electric current, a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. There are positive and negative poles. With the progress of The Times, the battery generally refers to the small device that can generate electricity. Like solar panels. Battery performance parameters mainly include electromotive force, capacity, specific energy and resistance. Using batteries as energy sources, you can get stable voltage, stable current, long-term stable power supply, little external influence of the current, and the battery structure is simple, but also portable, easy to charge and discharge operation, not affected by the external climate and temperature, stable and reliable quality, in today's social life in all aspects of play a great role.

  According to relevant national laws and regulations, the collection of waste batteries focuses on cadmium-nickel batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and other discarded rechargeable batteries, and silver oxide and other discarded button primary batteries. These batteries must be centrally recycled by manufacturers and dealers, and disposed of by units with business licenses for hazardous waste enterprises.