Here are five better ways to save most of these starving batteries. Note that most are not 100%.

First, series method. A normal 12 volt battery is connected in series to the whole battery. For example, if the original car has a 48V-20AH battery, let's connect another 12V-20AH battery in series. A sufficient 12V battery voltage is about 13V, after series can improve the voltage of the whole battery, and then use his original charger to charge, so it can be charged into, plug in the charger, the charger is red, at this time can be charged into. When the charger turns green, remove the battery that is connected in series. Then it can be recharged as normal.

  Two, parallel method. This method is a little more complicated. For example, the vehicle used to have 48V-20AH batteries, and we parallel another set of 48V-20AH batteries. It is known that the voltage is equal everywhere in the parallel circuit, and the high voltage end will flow into the low voltage end. This method is also used by many battery dealers to test batteries that are completely dead. Then charging can also achieve the purpose of charging. The idea is similar to, say, a battery in series. It also raises the voltage of the whole group.

Three, low voltage charging method. Choose a small charger for charging. For example, if we have a 60V-20AH battery, we use a 48V-20AH charger to charge it. So most of the time, you can fill it. The principle is also similar to the first method, which brings the charging voltage closer to the voltage at both ends of the battery.

Four, single battery charging method. A single battery can be activated by charging it with a 12-volt motorcycle charger, but this kind of charging is relatively slow. Generally, it takes more than 7 hours to charge the battery voltage will slowly rise to about 12V. If all of the single charging takes time.

Five, special charger method. Day charger it is automatic recognition of battery voltage, no matter how many volts a group of battery voltage, can automatically identify the voltage, he can charge in. For example, the original car is 60V-20AH battery, now only 30V less than, it can still charge to the inside.