Tesla Shanghai Energy Storage Gigafactory Secures Construction Permit: Advancing Towards Sustainable Energy Solutions!

Reporters learned from the Lingang New Area Management Committee of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone on May 13 that Tesla’s Shanghai energy storage super factory construction project has completed the issuance of a construction license. This is Tesla’s first storage facility outside the United States. Energy super factory project.


Min Zhiguang, deputy director of the Approval and Review Center of the Lingang New Area and head of the Project Construction Service Office, said that the Tesla Shanghai Energy Storage Super Factory project has applied the "project service package" newly launched by the Lingang New Area in the field of engineering construction. Specifically, , which is to embed a full set of service systems based on the project perspective and specific scenarios before the start of approval, stuff all enterprise-side and government-side matters into a "package", and formulate a node flow chart starting from the project.

"Through the design of service packages, enterprises can quickly obtain relatively accurate and comprehensive government service requirements and management requirements from the earliest time when their investment intentions are not completely clear, and achieve a seamless connection throughout the entire process. Especially when encountering problems, There is no need to look for this department or that department separately, but there is a relatively mature 'zero-day' response and problem-solving mechanism," Min Zhiguang said.

According to the plan, Tesla’s Shanghai Energy Storage Gigafactory will achieve mass production in the first quarter of 2025. The energy storage super factory initially plans to produce 10,000 commercial energy storage batteries per year, with an energy storage scale of nearly 40 gigawatt hours (GWh). Each commercial energy storage battery can store more than 3 MWh of energy and is suitable for multi-scenario applications such as renewable energy systems and peak demand management.

The Tesla Energy Storage Super Factory is not only an important optimization of the company's global production layout, but will also help the development of Shanghai's new energy storage industry and its green and low-carbon transformation. It is reported that the project covers a total area of approximately 200,000 square meters and has a total investment of approximately 1.45 billion yuan.