The number of energy storage power stations in the world has grown rapidly recently, and a number of recent fire incidents have attracted widespread attention. From 2023 to 2024, multiple energy storage power station fire incidents from energy storage cabinets in Guangtong Logistics Park, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province to the United States and Germany have highlighted the urgency of energy storage safety issues. These fires not only involve the thermal runaway problem of lithium-ion battery technology, but also expose many safety challenges in system design, operation and maintenance, and emergency response.

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Take the fire at the OTAY MESA Gateway energy storage power station in California, USA, on May 15, 2024, as an example. This fire lasted for a long time and produced toxic smoke and hydrogen, which made the rescue work of firefighters extremely difficult. Similarly, in a fire at a lithium battery energy storage station in Nellmore, Germany, two firefighters were injured while fighting the fire, once again reminding us of the seriousness of safety issues in energy storage power stations.

Faced with these challenges, the world is actively seeking solutions. On the one hand, technological innovations, such as the use of advanced technologies such as perfluorohexanone automatic fire extinguishing devices, are used to quickly extinguish fires in the battery compartment; on the other hand, the monitoring capabilities of the battery management system (BMS) are strengthened to prevent thermal runaway. occur. In addition, improved standards, policy support and industry cooperation are also indispensable parts to ensure the safety of energy storage power stations.

Although some progress has been made in solving the problem of fires in energy storage power stations, continued efforts and long-term investment are still needed to achieve a "complete solution". In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of management, we have reason to believe that the safety issues of energy storage power stations will be better solved, providing a solid guarantee for the development of global clean energy.

Is energy storage security a turning point or a crisis?

Fires occur frequently in energy storage power stations, which is both a crisis and a turning point for energy storage safety.


1. Technological innovation: Frequent fires will prompt the industry to pay more attention to the research and development and innovation of energy storage safety technology, thereby promoting the continuous progress of energy storage technology.

2. Standard formulation: Fire incidents will prompt governments, industry organizations and enterprises to strengthen cooperation to jointly formulate and improve energy storage safety standards and specifications, and improve the safety of energy storage power stations.

3. Increased safety awareness: Frequent fires will increase the attention of the industry and the public to energy storage safety issues and promote the popularization and improvement of energy storage safety awareness.

4. Industrial optimization: Fire incidents will promote structural optimization and industrial upgrading of the energy storage industry, eliminate enterprises and products with backward technology and high safety hazards, and promote the healthy development of the industry.


1. Safety concerns: Frequent fires have undoubtedly intensified public and industry concerns about the safety of energy storage power stations, which may have a negative impact on the further promotion and application of energy storage technology.

2. Crisis of trust: Fire incidents may damage public trust in energy storage technology, reduce investors’ interest in energy storage projects, and affect the healthy development of the entire energy storage industry.

3. Economic losses: Fires will not only cause direct losses to energy storage power stations, but may also cause a series of indirect losses, such as power supply interruption, equipment damage, environmental pollution, etc.