Global carbon dioxide emissions are increasing, greenhouse gases are increasing, the climate environment is getting worse, and life systems are threatened. At the same time, due to the relative scarcity of oil and gas resources in my country, it is of great significance to develop a low-carbon economy and reshape the energy system for the future development of the country. Therefore, at the consumer end, the state continues to encourage the consumption of environmentally friendly products, including a series of green products such as new energy vehicles and outdoor power supplies. People have also responded to the call to help ecology and environmental protection through daily consumption and create a green ecology.


In traditional outdoor activities, people usually use open flames or generators to obtain energy, but open fires are extremely easy to cause wildfires, and it is difficult to provide stable heat in wet weather such as rainy days.Tools such as diesel generators are not only bulky and bulky, but the noise after starting will also destroy the comfort and tranquility of everyone enjoying outdoor camping. In contemporary outdoor activities, the proportion of electronic equipment in outdoor camping equipment is gradually increasing, and the demand for electricity is gradually increasing.

The high-power, large-capacity rural outdoor power supply supports 220V AC output, 12V car charging port, USB output and other output methods. It can charge drones, digital cameras, laptops, refrigerators, ovens and other equipment to solve outdoor problems. Difficulties in electricity consumption for entertainment, life, work, and emergency start vehicles.


At present, Portable Solar Panel that are safer, portable, clean and environmentally friendly, and require no maintenance are replacing noisy and polluting fuel generators and becoming the main solution for public outdoor power supply. There is no power supply in the field and it is difficult to wire. Monitoring equipment often faces situations such as no power available, high power supply costs, and unstable power supply. Portable and mobile outdoor power supplies provide stable power for survey tools and electric equipment to solve power problems.

Advocate green consumption culture. It aims to help the world save energy and reduce emissions, and build a green earth home together! At the same time, it also calls on people to pay more attention to the ecological environment and participate in environmental protection public welfare actions!