2024 may be a bumper year for the U.S. solar industry!


According to the latest forecasts released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), developers and power plant owners plan to add 62.8GW of utility-scale power generation capacity in 2024, of which 36.4GW of photovoltaic installed capacity will be added, accounting for the total new power generation capacity. of 58%, battery energy storage will add 14.3GW, accounting for 23%.

Among them, Texas will account for 35% of new solar installations, followed by California with 10% and Florida with 6%. In addition, the Gemini optical storage project in Nevada is expected to be put into operation in 2024, including 690MW of solar energy and 380MW of energy storage. Once completed, it will become the largest solar energy project in the United States.

In terms of energy storage, Texas is expected to once again top the list with 6.4GW of new energy storage installed capacity, and California ranks second with 5.2GW. By 2024, these two states will account for 82% of the country’s new energy storage capacity.

In addition to solar and energy storage, EIA predicts that new wind energy installations in 2024 will be 8.2GW and natural gas 2.5GW. Vogtle Nuclear Generating Station in Georgia will commission its delayed No. 4 reactor with a capacity of 1.1GW.